Urgup is region of Nevsehir. With a history going back to Hittites, it has been an important settlement area in every period. Its ancient name was Assiana. At the same time, it was one of the setttlements of the Christians; the sructures left from this period are very much ruined. Its single or grouped churches and monasteries are the oldest buildings (7th) century of Cappadocia region. The Saint Basil and Tavsanli Chruches in Mustafa Pasha (Sinassos), near this region, are buildings that are presently open to visitors. 18 km southwest of the region, in the Damse village, is the Taskinpasa Kulliyesi, which is the most interesting Islamic complez in the area. It has mained from the 14th century, the period in which the Karamanogullari reigned over this region. On the road from Urgup to Nevsehir, typical examples of tufa pyramid formations can be seen, which are the landmark of Cappadocia. Urgup is also famous for its wine and its rock houses.
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