Okurcalar is a town in Alanya County of Antalya Province, Turkey . The place is about 30 km from Alanya and 110 km from Antalya and is located directly on the Mediterranean Sea.The traditionally most important source of income was agriculture, from which a large part of the population lived until the second half of the 1990s. The main agricultural products grown in Okurcalar are bananas , citrus fruits and legumes . There are now many tourist centers and hotel complexes.
The nose, which consists of an indentation of about one kilometer towards the sea, was named Karaburun. At the same time, the area where the nose is is called Karaburun. On the west side of the cape, there is a beautiful bay towards the sea. There is an island about 300 meters from the land in the bay, which has a beautiful beach. Sports to be done in activities such as daily tours and events are held here. To place this bay, carry out a home placement in the seafaring community. There is an abandoned historical ruin named after him on the beach.
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