Konakli is a resort settlement 12 km west of the center of Alanya. There are both sandy beaches and pebble beaches there. In the village there is an ancient caravanserai, where travelers, coming along the Silk Road, stayed. Shops in Konakli are mostly small, tourist-oriented ones. There are discos and clubs. Also, there are an amusement park, carting and a small golf-club. The real estate is represented by villas and townhouses, which, in any area of the village, offer panoramic views of the sea or the mountains. Due to the fact that in Konakli only low-rise construction is allowed, real estate prices there are higher than in the surrounding areas. Location. Konakli is a resort village, located 12 kilometers west of the center of Alanya and 124 km from Antalya city center, surrounded by Turkish villages and magnificent mountains. The population of the village is about 13 thousand people. Local residents are mainly engaged in servicing tourists and agriculture. The sea and the beach. Beaches in Konakli are mainly pebble ones, with clean transparent water. At the outskirts of the village there is famous "Turtle Beach", it is a sandy beach. Transport accessibility. Between Alanya and Konakli on federal highway D400 buses run constantly. By car from Konakli to Alanya you can come within 10 minutes. The road from Gazipaşa airport to Konakli will take about 50 minutes. Sights. Extant in the village is ancient caravanserai Sharapsa Khan (Kervansaray Sarapsa Han), in which centuries ago those traveling the Great Silk Road would stop. Now, evenings, at this history monument they present colorful show "1000 and 1 night". Special features. Shops in the village are mostly small ones, targeted at tourists. There are also cafes and restaurants of the national cuisine. Popular among youth vacationers are local discos and clubs. For more serious shopping or to visit restaurants of European cuisine you will have to go to Alanya. For parents with children there are an amusement park, carting and a small golf club, as well as a water park and a Dolphinarium, which are located in Avsallar.
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