“ L.Korakassa is also known as Alanya 
   There was known in Latin as Coracesium or in Greek as Korakesion from the Luwian Korakassa meaning "point/protruding city".
The Roman Catholic Church still recognizes the Latin name as a titular see in its hierarchy. Under the Byzantine Empire it became known as Kalonoros or Kalon Oros, meaning "beautiful/fine mountain" in Greek. The Seljuks renamed the city Alaiye, a derivative of the Sultan Alaeddin Kayqubad I's name. In the 13th and 14th centuries, Italian traders called the city Candelore or Cardelloro. 
In his 1935 visit, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk finalized the name in the new alphabet as Alanya, changing the 'i' and 'e' in Alaiye, reportedly because of a misspelled telegram in 1933.

Being one of the unique examples of the medieval Mediterranean defense structure from 13th century, Red Tower was built by order of Alaeddin Keyqubad I, the Seljuk ruler, to Ebu Ali Reha el Kettani who was a master builder from Aleppo in order to protect harbor, shipyard and Alanya Castle against attacks from the sea. Red Tower as today and past has attracted the attention with its monumental view and subjected to many books. Evliya Celebi, a 17th century traveler, stated “there is a solid octagonal tower at sea side of Castle of Alanya, this tower can hold two thousands (2000) men during siege and second gateman who live in here has fourty (40) soldiers”. Due to build on a bedrock at sloping ground, the structure has 33 m at east but 3 m shorter at west side. At bottom main walls, rectangular limestone, uniformly cut and stick together, and classic shafts and red bricks at upper sections were used. There are a writing “Gratitude to Allah” on north wall surface of the structure, a four-line inscription which is 10 m up from the ground, written on behalf of Alaeddin Keyqubad and stated its constructions as April 1226 and another writing on south wall. Inscription of constructor on right wall of the entrance, name of the master who built the structure is specified. There are total of fifty-six (56) crenel windows at facades of Red Tower, twenty-two (22) spans for pouring hot pitch and water and six (6) gargoyles inline to repel and to make impossible to escape. With its octagonal plan, Red Tower has a complex plan at inside contrary to its exterior view. Red Tower has five floors as ground and first floors, entresol, open floor and open terrace. In opposition to its monumental appearance of the structure, probably due to military purposes, ground floor can be reached by a small and simple entrance and a narrow corridor. Surrounding of octagonal pillar in the center covers a vaulted corridor. According to Ibrahim Hakkı Konyalı, the first time of the structure at ground and first floors, there were the lowered rooms made from wood, which extendeded from the beginning of the corridor vault to upper cover, used by guards to rest. The ground floor is used for exhibition area in present. Reached by a high stone steps, a large cistern is placed at upper part of the foot in the center of 1st floor. Even today functioning, mouth part of the cistern is found at open floor. One each air shafts are placed in the middle of octagon sides at the base of corridor, close to the cistern. The door at northwestern of the structure, which is at floor used as an exhibition area, opens to the exterior walls. Big ship graffiti can be seen on right wall. There are spans for pouring hot pitch and water at entresol shaped as a narrow corridor. There are total of fifteen (16) air shafts in two rows at mouth and surroundings of the cistern in the middle of open terrace. Light entered from these shafts can reached to first floor.
Avsallar is a small resort settlement 25 km west of Alanya. It has one of the best beaches in the region, the beach is sandy, with a gently sloping entry into the water. Nearby is the city of Side, which is rich in historical monuments. In Avsallar itself there are plenty of nightlife establishments, restaurants and bars, as well as a water park with a dolphinarium, and near the settlement there is a picnic area. The real estate is represented by villas of older construction and modern residential complexes. Location. Avsallar is a resort settlement with a population of about 10 thousand people, it is the administrative district of Alanya. It is located 25 km west of Alanya and 110 km east of Antalya. The sea and the beach. One of the best beaches of Alanya, Incekum, is located here. Many tourists call the beaches of Avsallar golden sands. The beach strip stretches here over 5 km. The fine sand of golden color and the gently sloping entry into the water attract here many vacationers, especially with children. Transport accessibility. To Avsallar, which is located near federal highway D400, run regular buses from Alanya and Antalya. Sights. The nearby town of Side is rich in monuments of antiquity, and it will be very interesting for the lovers of history. Special features. Avsallar is a resort district with few small shops for tourists. For serious shopping it is better to go to Alanya (travel by car takes 20 minutes). In Avsallar, as in any tourist settlement, there are enough nightlife establishments, restaurants and bars, nightlife lovers can pass time enjoying themselves. Also the village has a water park with a dolphinarium, and in the forest belt nearby there is a large area for camping and picnics. Real Estate. Homeowners in Avsallar appreciate, above all, the excellent combination of forest, sea and cleanest sandy beaches. Real estate is represented both by villas of older construction and by new modern complexes with rich infrastructure for recreation.
Incekum means fines sand and the area deserved the name thank to its fine beaches. Tourists from all over Europe keep coming back for their holidays year by year to enjoy the beach, sun and greens of the Incekum area. A short walk drives to Avsallar touristic centre with all you can need during you stay in Incekum Alanya. İncekum Beach is located in Avsallar at the 26th kilometer of the Antalya-Alanya highway.
İncekum means "thin sand" in Turkish, referring the famous sandy beach and sea here. It's the best family friendly beach in Antalya because the water here is very shallow. It is possible to find free parking area and free section of the beach where you can lay your towels or chairs, in addition to the paid sunbeds and umbrellas. You can find almost everything you need such as cafeteria, showers, cabins, and WC on the beach.
Kargicak is the eastern district of Alanya, located 16 km from the city center. There are mostly small-pebble beaches. Not far from Kargicak there are the ruins of the ancient city of Siedr. The district is characterized by beautiful natural landscape and good environment. Despite the presence of hotels, life there is very quiet and calm. The real estate is represented only by properties not higher than four floors. All the residential complexes are of high quality and have excellent infrastructure, and villas in Kargicak are considered the best in the entire region of Alanya.
Kargicak is the eastern district of Alanya, it is not far from Mahmutlar, 16 km from the city center and 150 km from Antalya. The population of Kargicak is about 7 thousand people.
The sea and the beach.
The beaches are mostly pebbly ones, they spread out along the coast for 5 km.
Transport accessibility.
Alanya's city center and this district are connecting by bus routes, the transport runs every 5-10 minutes. Gazipasa Airport is less than 30 km from Kargicak. From the airport, a special bus service takes passengers to different districts of Alanya, including Kargicak.
Not far from Kargıcak there are the ruins of the ancient city of Siedr. The place enjoys popularity among tourists, because preserved there is the ancient system of irrigation, the ruins of the palace, a wide street with columns, bath complex and the city acropolis. The city was built on a hill, which offers magnificent views of the sea and the mountains.
Special features.
The district is characterized by a beautiful natural landscape, good environment, great views of the Taurus mountains, clean beaches, forests, and a variety of fruit trees and banana plantations. Despite the presence of hotels, life there is very quiet and calm. The embankment with restaurants is a good place to walk and enjoy Turkish and European cuisine.
Kestel is a district located 9 km to the east from the center of Alanya. There are both sandy and pebble beaches; all of them are greatly equipped. The nearest attraction is Cave Dimchay, covered with stalactites and stalagmites, which is located on a bank of the river with the same name. The district development plan involves equipping large green areas, excellent infrastructure and a medium-rise construction. Offered in the real estate market are lots of properties located on the first coastal line, and their prices are lower than the prices of their counterparts in the neighboring districts.
Kestel is a district of Alanya located 9 km to the east of the city center, between the districts of Tosmur and Mahmutlar. The distance from Kestel to Antalya is 142 km. The population of Kestel is 10 thousand people. The sea and the beach. Most beaches in Kestel are sandy beaches, and closer to the district of Mahmutlar there are pebbly beaches. The length of the beaches is about 3 km. The beaches are well equipped: there are gazebos, flower beds, a beautiful fountain and a children's playground.
Transport accessibility.
The center of Alanya and Kestel are connected by bus routes, the time of travel by public transport is no more than 20 minutes. Kestel is 30 km from Gazipaşa airport, those arriving by airplanes can get from there to Alanya by special buses. You can also get to Kestel from Antalya: there is a shuttle bus running on highway D400. Sights. The nearest attraction is cave Dimchay covered with centuries-old stalactites, it is located not far from the river of the same name, near which there are also picnic areas and fisheries. Special features. The master plan for the district development involves equipping large green areas, excellent infrastructure and medium-rise construction. Kestel is just 10-minutes drive by car from Alanya, so available for the residents of this district are all the entertainment and shopping centers of the city.


It is on the west side of the historical peninsula and on the seafront of the Damlatas Cave. It has blue flag. Backside of beach is on the seafront of peninsula. This natural beach that is covered by rocks, it is famous with the story of Egypt Queen Cleopatra and Roman Emperor Antonius swam in here. Small cove that is known as Cleopatra that lies through the peninsula and existed with big stones. Its clarity is quality of this beach. When you swim underwater, you can see fishes and other natural beauties. You can go into the beach freely, but services on the beach has cost.
Konakli is a resort settlement 12 km west of the center of Alanya. There are both sandy beaches and pebble beaches there. In the village there is an ancient caravanserai, where travelers, coming along the Silk Road, stayed. Shops in Konakli are mostly small, tourist-oriented ones. There are discos and clubs. Also, there are an amusement park, carting and a small golf-club. The real estate is represented by villas and townhouses, which, in any area of the village, offer panoramic views of the sea or the mountains. Due to the fact that in Konakli only low-rise construction is allowed, real estate prices there are higher than in the surrounding areas. Location. Konakli is a resort village, located 12 kilometers west of the center of Alanya and 124 km from Antalya city center, surrounded by Turkish villages and magnificent mountains. The population of the village is about 13 thousand people. Local residents are mainly engaged in servicing tourists and agriculture. The sea and the beach. Beaches in Konakli are mainly pebble ones, with clean transparent water. At the outskirts of the village there is famous "Turtle Beach", it is a sandy beach. Transport accessibility. Between Alanya and Konakli on federal highway D400 buses run constantly. By car from Konakli to Alanya you can come within 10 minutes. The road from Gazipaşa airport to Konakli will take about 50 minutes. Sights. Extant in the village is ancient caravanserai Sharapsa Khan (Kervansaray Sarapsa Han), in which centuries ago those traveling the Great Silk Road would stop. Now, evenings, at this history monument they present colorful show "1000 and 1 night". Special features. Shops in the village are mostly small ones, targeted at tourists. There are also cafes and restaurants of the national cuisine. Popular among youth vacationers are local discos and clubs. For more serious shopping or to visit restaurants of European cuisine you will have to go to Alanya. For parents with children there are an amusement park, carting and a small golf club, as well as a water park and a Dolphinarium, which are located in Avsallar.
Mahmutlar is a resort settlement 10 km south-east from the center of Alanya. There are both pebble and sandy beaches, but large stones can sometimes be found in the water, so not all of the beaches are suitable for vacationers with children. The main attractions are the river Dimchay with bays for growing trout, and a cave of the same name located nearby, which is covered with stalactites and stalagmites, as well as the ruins of ancient cities of Laertes and Siedre. The district is young and actively developing. It is more suitable for leisure than for permanent residence. The real estate is represented mainly by high-rise residential complexes. Apartments in them are of excellent quality. There are a lot of properties with direct sea views. Some of them are located very close to the beaches. Location. Mahmutlar is a resort settlement located 10 km south-east of the center of Alanya and 150 km from Antalya city center. The population is about 30 thousand people. The sea and the beach. The beach line stretches along the entire district. The district has both pebble and poured-sandy beaches. The sea is clean, but large stones may be found in the water in some places, so, bathing with kids is comfortable not everywhere. Transport accessibility. Gazipaşa Airport is located 30 km from Mahmutlar. Buses run regularly from Alanya to Mahmutlar and back. Sights. One of the attractions is the Dimchay river with bays for growing trout, which can be enjoyed in the nearby restaurants. Near the river there is a cave of the same name with an underground salt lake, owing to which there appeared marvelously-shaped stalactites and stalagmites. Also, near Mahmutlar there are the ruins of ancient cities of Laertes and Siedre. Special features. This is a relatively young and developing district of Alanya, which is more suitable for vacationing than for permanent residence. To visit big shops, renowned restaurants and entertainment venues, you would have to go to nearby Alanya. Mahmutlar itself has a popular park with fountains, flower beds and seating areas, where local artists and folk craftsmen exhibit their works.
Okurcalar is a town in Alanya County of Antalya Province, Turkey . The place is about 30 km from Alanya and 110 km from Antalya and is located directly on the Mediterranean Sea.The traditionally most important source of income was agriculture, from which a large part of the population lived until the second half of the 1990s. The main agricultural products grown in Okurcalar are bananas , citrus fruits and legumes . There are now many tourist centers and hotel complexes.
The nose, which consists of an indentation of about one kilometer towards the sea, was named Karaburun. At the same time, the area where the nose is is called Karaburun. On the west side of the cape, there is a beautiful bay towards the sea. There is an island about 300 meters from the land in the bay, which has a beautiful beach. Sports to be done in activities such as daily tours and events are held here. To place this bay, carry out a home placement in the seafaring community. There is an abandoned historical ruin named after him on the beach.
Türkler's distance from Alanya is 15 km and  from Antalya is 120 km.
It is a few kilometers after Fugla Cape. The coast is partly sandy and partly rocky. Apart from the regulation of touristic facilities, it is a natural beach.
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