Belek is a township with its own municipality in the Serik district of Turkey’s Antalya Province. Belek is one of the most prominent centres of Turkey’s tourism industry and is as such home to more than thirty four-star and five-star hotels and many other accommodation, services and entertainment facilities. Belek is a developing Golf Centre of Turkey. In planning the golf courses, the architects took into special consideration the preferences and expectations of European golf players. In Belek, the perfect locations of the golf courses provide wonderful views and landscape of the neighbourhood while providing the golf players with excellent golf pleasure and competition. The Kurşunlu Waterfall is worth a visit in Belek. There are over 100 bird species living in this natural wonder. The hidden cave at the back of the waterfall is a popular place to visit. Near Belek there is the Hellenistic city of Perge, which is rated second after Ephesus and the great amphitheatre of Aspendos that still today can hold over 15.000 spectators. Belek has a modern and purpose built beach and golf resort just 20 minutes away from the airport and within easy reach of all the areas tourist attractions. Turkey’s desire to join the EU will ensure that Belek will continue to be thoughtfully developed to protect the beaches and amazing golf courses which are nestled in the beautiful lush pine and Eucalyptus forests. The area is full of amazing historical sights. The ancient Aspendos amphitheatre which holds 20,000 people is over 2000 years old and still hosts open- air classical, ballet and opera festivals today. The Roman ruins at Perge are some of the best preserved archaeological sites in Turkey. Side is one of the best known classical sites in Turkey. Belek Town centre The modern purpose built beach resort is already well established as a favourite destination of Turkey’s jet set who flock to over 50 impressive 5 star hotels, spas and numerous world class championship golf courses. In the centre of town the impressive mosque stands alongside statues and a waterfall leading to extensive shopping amenities in the tree lined boulevards. A short drive from the resort, spectacular waterfalls and riverside restaurants are a pleasurable shady retreat from the hot dry summers. This area is key to Turkey’s overall tourism plans, having already benefited from substantial investment by the Turkish Tourism Ministry. Turkey is beginning to rival the Algarve for the numbers of golfing tourists annually. This golfers’ paradise is attracting a lot of attention creating a first class holiday destination with high standards to rival other Mediterranean EU countries. Beaches The extensive new blue flag beach park facilities have been cleverly designed and combines fun at the beach, exquisite white sandy beaches, and all the usual water sports with shady parks and children’s play areas for a great day out. Beach side restaurants and bars offer a stylish and relaxing atmosphere with sumptuous sofas or hammocks so you can enjoy the sea breeze while soaking up the Mediterranean sunshine. Standards of cleanliness are high with plenty of brand new shower, toilet and changing facilities and car parking right on the beach
Bogazkent is a village in the District of Serik, Antalya Province
You can observe more than 200 bird species and take unique nature photos in Boğazkent Bird Sanctuary, which is one of the unique places in Antalya. Many bird species winter and reproduce in Serik, which is called ornithology (birdwatching) and is the best area to watch migratory birds. You can have a fascinating experience with the beautiful voice inhabitants of nature and the best examples of natural life in Bogazkent Bird Sanctuary, which is 8 km from the Serik district center.
Kadriye is a village and resort in the District of Serik, Antalya Province, Turkey
Kadriye is the first resort with beach park (Kadriye Beach Park), luxury golf hotels and theme park (The Land of Legends Kingdom), to have a golf course in Turkey. Turkey's first Golf Resort.
Kadriye; distance to Belek 8 km, distance to Serik 15 km, distance to Antalya Airport 20 km and distance to Antalya is 30 km.

 Golf Fields 
National Golf Club (27-Holes)
Antalya Golf Club (36-Holes)
Sueno Golf Club (36-Holes)
Titanic Golf Club (27-Holes)
Carya Golf Club (18-Holes)
Kaya Palazzo Golf Club (18-Holes)

Serik is a town and district in Antalya Province of Turkey, 39 km (24 mi) east of the city of Antalya, along the Mediterranean coast.
Towards the coast the district is mainly flat farmland, used for growing vegetables, while the inland half of Serik is forested hills and the Taurus Mountains. The district has a typical Mediterranean climate of hot, dry summers and warm, wet winters, and the natural vegetation is dry shrubs. Serik itself is a town of 56,824 people as for 2012. The city of Antalya is nearby limiting the potential for retailing and commerce in Serik, but there is some light industry. There is a well-known köfte and piyaz restaurant in the town centre; the piyaz is served with a sesame (tahini) sauce. Although wealthy and only 15 km from the wild amenities on the coast, the people of Serik are typically welcoming and traditional in outlook. The population includes many who still identify themselves as Yörük or Turkmen, descendants of the nomadic people that populated the area during the Ottoman Empire and before. These are close-knit communities shunning outside influence and new immigration, prompting some Turkish people to give it the nickname Capital of a Yörük Republic, an echo of the vivaciously preserved traditions and lifestyle. Although the district has seen a large influx of migrant workers in agriculture and tourism most business in the town is still very much in the hands of these original Turkmen people..
With 22 km (14 mi) of coastline including the busy resort town of Belek the district of Serik is a major centre of Turkey's tourism industry, attracting 30 million visitors each year. Belek has over fifty 5 star hotels and golf courses. Places of interest include the ruins of Sillyon and Aspendos, the cave of Zeytinlitaş and Uçansu waterfall. The 2015 G20 Antalya summit was held in Serik, Antalya.
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