Kemer is a seaside resort and district of Antalya Province on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, 43 km (27 mi) west of the city of Antalya, on the Turkish Riviera. Kemer is on the Gulf of Antalya, 53 km (33 mi) of sea coast with the skirts of the western Taurus Mountains behind. The coast has the typical Mediterranean hot, dry weather and warm sea. Until the early 1980s this was a quiet rural district but today the town of Kemer and coastal villages in the district play a very important part in tourism in Turkey.
Kemer was the ancient Greek city of Idyros, member of the Lycian League, which after the Ottoman era was called Eski Köy (Old Village) until a 23 km (14 mi) long stone wall was built in 1916 - 1917 to channel the mountain stream water and protect the town from flooding, which until then had been a persistent problem. The name Kemer refers to those walls. Before the population exchange between Greece and Turkey, greek families lived in the area with the Turks of the area peacefully coexisting. There is even a water mill that still exists in the village of Aslanbucak that used to belong to the Greeks of the village of Kemer and Aslanbucak, but the water mill is currently located in private property. Until the 1960s there was no road connection and the district was accessible only by boat. Then a road was built and from the 1980s onwards this was followed by a great investment in infrastructure, planned by the state and funded by the World Bank, aimed at developing a large tourist industry.
The district has a population of 36,010 according to the 2010 census.[3] The town itself has 20,785 inhabitants. Kemer has 4 municipalities (Beldibi, Çamyuva, Göynük, Tekirova) and 4 villages.
The economy of Kemer district is mostly based on tourism. In the district, which has been declared a first-degree tourism area, there are generally touristic businesses on the coast. Especially orange, lemon and tangerine are grown in the region where agriculture and fruit growing. Recently, pomegranate cultivation has also become widespread.
Tourism in Kemer 
One of the major attractions of Kemer is its natural environment; including the sea, mountains and pine forests. The shore from Beldibi to Tekirova consists of a number of beaches in bays of various sizes, mostly stoney rather than sand. Supported by transport and communication links, and related municipal services, Kemer has a large proportion of the hotel bed capacity of the Antalya region, and attracts visitors from countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, and in recent years families from Russia.Many of the visitors come as part of low-cost all-inclusive package deals but tourism is still the mainstay of the local economy. There are so many visitors that most shops in Kemer are set up to sell things like leather jackets to overseas visitors and trade in the euro as well as the Turkish lira.
Moonlight Beach near Kemer Kemer's 320 berth marina offers several restaurants for the tourists as well as being a wintering-over marina for liveaboard sailors from the USA, England and parts of Europe. Göynük (Goynuk) Canyon, Ulupınar, Olympos, Chimaera, Phaselis, Three Islands and Eco Park are the touristic sites of the Kemer area. The town of Kemer has a number of clubs, bars and restaurants, blue flag beaches and a 320 capacity yacht marina. Coastal villages include Beldibi, Kiriş, Çayova, Aslanbucak, Kuzdere, Beycik, Çamyuva, Göynük, and Çıralı. Annual events in the area include art exhibitions in Phaselis, boat races, WRC (World Rally Championship), Turkey Offshore Championship, Turkey Motocross Championship, Phaselis Art Festival, and Kemer Carnival. International pop stars and Djs, such as Tarkan and DJ Tiesto, give summer concerts on this coast. The Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey (Turkish: Cumhurbaşkanlığı Bisiklet Turu) is a professional road bicycle racing stage race held each spring. Tthere is rising number of outdoor enthusiasts visiting Kemer for trekking the Lycian Way and for mountainbikin.
Kemer has a hot Mediterranean climate with very hot, long and dry summers with cool, rainy winters. In the height of summer temperatures frequently exceed 40 °C (104 °F).
Kemer Bus Terminal, which was put into operation in 1990, has facilitated the transportation of the district. There are bus services to Kemer Bus Terminal from almost every city in Turkey. There are regular shuttles from the surrounding districts to Kemer Bus Station every day.
Places of interest
Sites of natural interest
Adrasan Bay - 2 kilometres of beach.
The Çıralı village and 4 km (2 mi) beach.
Used for nature walks and sections of the Lycian Way.
Üç Adalar (Three Islands) - visited by scuba divers.
Göynük Canyon İkiz Kayalar (Twin Rocks)
The village of Ulupınar, with its mountain spring water.
There are a number of caves including Beldibi, and the Molla hole in the east face of Tahtalı mountain.
The Taurus Mountains offering hiking or tours with SUVs. And the 2069 ± 500 years old oriental pane can be found in Gedelme village
Historical sites 
Chimaera - the natural burning rock of Greek mythology.
The ancient cities of Phaselis and Olympos.
The town of Kemer itself has some remains of antique Idryos, a Byzantine church and a Seljuk Turkish hunting lodge.
Beldibi (Turkey) is a resort village spread in the province of Antalya near the city of Kemer. The population of the area is not more than 10 thousand people. Beldibi is about 50 km from Antalya Airport, and 13 km from the center of Kemer.
 The village is located on the Mediterranean coast and stretches for 7 km along its shores parallel to the Taurus Mountains. In general, Beldibi is a long street along which hotels, residential buildings and trading shops are built. A few decades ago, the village of Beldibi in Turkey was a simple village, where mainly shepherds lived. It is believed that the first settlements in this area appeared in the 2nd-1st centuries. BC. At the end of the 20th century, the first hotels were built here, and since that time the village began to develop as a tourist attraction.
Today, Beldibi is a popular Turkish resort, offering travelers a developed infrastructure, picturesque beaches and interesting sights.
There are more than two dozen hotels in Beldibi, among which you can find both budget-friendly establishments without stars, and elite five-star hotels on the seashore. Along the main street of Ataturk Caddesi, a variety of cafes and restaurants serving local cuisine are lined up. There are also good shopping opportunities: local bazaars and small shops are at the disposal of tourists. Among beach activities, water sports are featured here, such as parasailing, banana and water scooter rides. So in Beldibi there is where to go and what to see. The main street of Ataturk Caddesi The village is quite miniature, so it is easy to move around on foot. And if you want to go to neighboring resorts, you can always use the services of taxi drivers or take a dolmush. Holidays in Beldibi will primarily appeal to lovers of peace and silence. It is quite comfortable here, there are no noisy bars and clubs. Well, those who can’t imagine their vacation without nightlife and rich shopping will always find opportunities for such events in nearby Kemer. An overview of the beaches of Kemer and its environs can be viewed on this page .
Despite its miniature size, the village of Beldibi in Turkey offers a look at a number of interesting sights. Some of them are located on the territory of the facility, others in the surrounding area.
Beldibi Mosque 
What to see in Beldibi first? Being at the resort, be sure to visit the main village mosque. The attraction is located in the very center of the village, so finding it is not difficult. This is a very young mosque, built in the current century, is a miniature structure, in the center decorated with a large green dome. The entrance to the building is built in the form of an arched terrace, the roof of which is crowned with 3 small domes. The temple has only 1 minaret with a tower, painted in a bright green color characteristic of Islam.
Beldibi Cave 
Among the attractions of the Beldibi village in Turkey, the local caves are most famous. They were discovered by Turkish scientists in 1956 and became a real discovery in archaeological circles. After extensive research in the caves, it was possible to recognize 6 layers belonging to different historical periods. Fragments of ancient household items and weapons were also found on their territory. Many of the items found were made from animal bones. Beldibi Cave Today, these artifacts can be viewed in the main museum of Antalya. And in the caves themselves, even nowadays it is easy to distinguish between ancient drawings depicting people and animals. The attraction lies on the banks of the Beldibi River, on the opposite side of which is also worth a visit to a modest but picturesque waterfall.
Çamyuva (pronounced Chamyoova) is a small town in the district of Kemer, Antalya Province, Turkey, situated to the south of the central town of Kemer. Formerly a village without a municipal administration, it was recently merged with the neighbouring village of Kiriş and the official name for the two agglomerations, as well as the name of the constituted municipality, is Çamyuva. Although during the past few years much construction has occurred, these two towns are still famous for numerous olive and orange groves.
The base station of the Olympos Aerial Tram is located nearby Çamyuva.
Goynuk Canyon
What other sights of Beldibi can you see on your own? The next interesting object is located just 5 km south of the village in a place called Goynuk. Here is the canyon of the same name, attracting tourists with its mountain landscapes, pine forests and emerald river waters. Here you will find a real adventure, during which you have to overcome an ice river and huge blocks of stone. In the park you can rent all the necessary equipment. It takes at least two hours to overcome the full distance of the gorge. And at the end of the event, all visitors have a great opportunity to arrange a victorious meal in a special barbecue area.
Kiris is a beautiful and peaceful coastal holiday town located on a beautiful environment, about 7,5 km. on the western part of Kemer. With its pine forests and Beydaglari mountains at the background, wonderful nature, 2,1 km. of beautiful coastline, beaches and sea, quality hotels, and apartments, Kiris is also one of the most popular holiday resorts in Kemer.

Things to do and See in Kiris
 A great day out at the Kiris beaches, hiking, trekking, 4×4 Off-Road Safari tours, rafting tours, watching the sunrise are also the popular things to do in Kiris. Kiris also hosts the annual World Rally Championship. Kiris beaches Holidaymakers may enjoy great beach holidays in Kiris. Kiris coast and Kiris beaches are very beautiful and ideal for swimming and sunbathing. The 2,1 km.long and blue flagged Kiris beach offers all kind of water sports and beach activities for beach goers in Kiris. Holidamakers may do variety of water sports activities such as parasailing, jet skiing, pedalos and scuba diving. Holidaymakers may find the water sports centers on Kiris via the yellow points in yellow tents. Kiris Urban beach There is also a Kiris Urban Beach that is free of charge, but you need to pay for sunbed and umbrella.
The hotels in Kiris located by the beach has their own beach areas.
Steeped in history, Olympos Beach on the Lycian coast near Çiralı is especially popular with nature lovers. Located in the middle of a nature reserve, the pebble beach will impress you with beautiful vegetation, ancient ruins, and a unique atmosphere.
In this guide, you will find all the important information about Olympos Beach near Çiralı, Antalya, including what to expect during your visit, helpful information on entrance fees, attractions, and how to get there. Steeped in history, Olympos Beach on the Lycian coast near Çiralı is especially popular with nature lovers. Located in the middle of a nature reserve, the pebble beach will impress you with beautiful vegetation, ancient ruins, and a unique atmosphere.
Olympos ancient city in Antalya in Turkey What Can I Do at Olympos Beach?
Olympos Beach is a natural pebble beach near the ancient city of Olympos. The wildlife in this oasis includes Caretta Caretta sea turtles that lay their eggs on the beach. This is one of the reasons that Olympos Beach is protected today.
This fact makes Olympos Beach very interesting, especially for nature lovers. Bathing in beautiful clear sea water in the middle of a nature reserve and enjoying peaceful seclusion by day is an extraordinary experience.
History buffs will enjoy the many relics from ancient times.
Most visitors are mainly alternative vacationers, backpackers, and hippies. For a few years now, Olympos Beach has also become an increasingly popular destination for couples and families.
Showers, changing rooms, sunbeds, and umbrellas are not available on the beach.
On the kilometer-long gravel beach, you will find a few restaurants serving dishes with vegetables from their own gardens. Beach vendors, on the other hand, offer refreshments and fresh mussels for sale. The numerous bars, cafes, and pubs also offer entertainment in the evening, so nightlife is not lacking. A lively atmosphere also prevails on the beach, including campfires.
Nearby Attractions 
Undoubtedly the most famous attraction near the beach are the ruins of the ancient city of Olympos. Following the crystal clear Akca stream. You can walk there from the beach.
You can learn more about this ancient city in our guide to the Ancient City of Olympos in Antalya, Turkey
History and Tips. Olympos Beach is also part of the historical "Lycian Way" hiking route, which is why a hiking trip is a good idea. Another fascinating sight is the "Eternal Flame" of Chimaera, about 8 km from the beach. Tree houses in the area are very popular and are an interesting change from hotels, bungalows, and guesthouses. Camping sites are also available. A popular excursion destination is Köprülü Canyon, where rafting is possible. Other sports activities are also offered by local guesthouses. These include activities such as climbing and hiking in the coastal mountains, as well as scuba diving, bungee jumping, mountain biking, paragliding, and yoga.
Entrance, Tickets, and Tours
Since Olympos Beach is located in the ancient city of Olympos, you can visit the beach only if you buy a ticket for the ancient city of Olympos. The distance from the ticket office to the beach is a few hundred meters on foot.
Entrance: The entrance fee for the ancient city of Olympos is 30 TL in 2021.
The entrance is free for Museum Card holders.
Tickets: Tickets for the ancient city of Olympos are available at the ticket office on site.
Tip: To book amusement parks, museums, and tour tickets in advance of your trip to the Antalya region, don't hesitate to check out the deals in our official shop.
Antalya Ticket Shop Olympos Ancient Greek city in Antalya
How to Get to Olympos Beach
Olympos Beach is situated in the Kumluca district near Çiralı in the Antalya region. It's located in the ancient city of Olympos, about 28 kilometers from Kemer.
By Public Transport: If you want to travel from Antalya by public transport, it's best to take the buses or minibuses departing from the Antalya bus station and go in the "Kumluca-Fethiye" direction. Get off at the Olympos station.
From the Antalya airport: The easiest way to reach Olympos Beach is by taking a shuttle bus.
By Car: A good alternative is to arrive on your own with a rental car. There is free parking on site.
 You can read more about this in our guide to renting a car in Antalya.
Tekirova is an elite tourist area 15 km to the west of Kemer. The beaches there are covered with pebble, for the purity they were marked by the international award "Blue Flag".
Not far from Tekirova there are many attractions:
Botanical Ecopark, the ancient city of Phaselis, Mount Tahtali (Olympos) with the longest cable way in Europe, Ulupinar, which is popular among lovers of fishing and fish restaurants, and Cleopatra's Bay.
Real estate is represented in the main by villas. All properties are quite expensive because there isn't much land for development. Tekirova suits perfectly for those who value peace, tranquility and a unique natural landscape.
Tekirova is an elite tourist area 15 km to the west of Kemer.
The sea and the beach. 
The beaches of Tekirova are covered with small pebbles, for the cleanliness and environmental friendliness they were awarded the international prize "Blue Flag". Near Tekirova there are two most beautiful harbors – Phaselis and Cleopatra's bay.
Transport accessibility.
On road D400 buses run regularly from Antalya and Kemer to Tekirova.
Not far from Tekirova there are many attractions. Here are just a few of them. Ecopark – a magnificent botanical park, which is a home to hundreds of species of unique plants and animals. The ancient city of Phaselis with a magnificent beach, one of the ten best beaches in Turkey. Mount Tahtali (modern name is Olympos) with a height of more than 2,300 meters above the sea level with Olympos Teleferik, the longest cable way in Europe.
Ulupinar is a place for lovers of fishing and fish restaurants. Cleopatra's Bay is one of the most beautiful bays on the coast.
Special features. 
In summers and winters those who live here enjoy the magnificent surroundings: the ridge of the Taurus mountains, magnificent sea, the air of pine forests and friendly people. In Tekirova there is a small number of luxury hotels, tourist shops and restaurants. This is the place for a quiet and relaxed rest. Those looking for entertainment usually go to Kemer, located 15-minute’s drive from Tekirova.
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