Beldibi (Turkey) is a resort village spread in the province of Antalya near the city of Kemer. The population of the area is not more than 10 thousand people. Beldibi is about 50 km from Antalya Airport, and 13 km from the center of Kemer.
 The village is located on the Mediterranean coast and stretches for 7 km along its shores parallel to the Taurus Mountains. In general, Beldibi is a long street along which hotels, residential buildings and trading shops are built. A few decades ago, the village of Beldibi in Turkey was a simple village, where mainly shepherds lived. It is believed that the first settlements in this area appeared in the 2nd-1st centuries. BC. At the end of the 20th century, the first hotels were built here, and since that time the village began to develop as a tourist attraction.
Today, Beldibi is a popular Turkish resort, offering travelers a developed infrastructure, picturesque beaches and interesting sights.
There are more than two dozen hotels in Beldibi, among which you can find both budget-friendly establishments without stars, and elite five-star hotels on the seashore. Along the main street of Ataturk Caddesi, a variety of cafes and restaurants serving local cuisine are lined up. There are also good shopping opportunities: local bazaars and small shops are at the disposal of tourists. Among beach activities, water sports are featured here, such as parasailing, banana and water scooter rides. So in Beldibi there is where to go and what to see. The main street of Ataturk Caddesi The village is quite miniature, so it is easy to move around on foot. And if you want to go to neighboring resorts, you can always use the services of taxi drivers or take a dolmush. Holidays in Beldibi will primarily appeal to lovers of peace and silence. It is quite comfortable here, there are no noisy bars and clubs. Well, those who can’t imagine their vacation without nightlife and rich shopping will always find opportunities for such events in nearby Kemer. An overview of the beaches of Kemer and its environs can be viewed on this page .
Despite its miniature size, the village of Beldibi in Turkey offers a look at a number of interesting sights. Some of them are located on the territory of the facility, others in the surrounding area.
Beldibi Mosque 
What to see in Beldibi first? Being at the resort, be sure to visit the main village mosque. The attraction is located in the very center of the village, so finding it is not difficult. This is a very young mosque, built in the current century, is a miniature structure, in the center decorated with a large green dome. The entrance to the building is built in the form of an arched terrace, the roof of which is crowned with 3 small domes. The temple has only 1 minaret with a tower, painted in a bright green color characteristic of Islam.
Beldibi Cave 
Among the attractions of the Beldibi village in Turkey, the local caves are most famous. They were discovered by Turkish scientists in 1956 and became a real discovery in archaeological circles. After extensive research in the caves, it was possible to recognize 6 layers belonging to different historical periods. Fragments of ancient household items and weapons were also found on their territory. Many of the items found were made from animal bones. Beldibi Cave Today, these artifacts can be viewed in the main museum of Antalya. And in the caves themselves, even nowadays it is easy to distinguish between ancient drawings depicting people and animals. The attraction lies on the banks of the Beldibi River, on the opposite side of which is also worth a visit to a modest but picturesque waterfall.
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