Tekirova is an elite tourist area 15 km to the west of Kemer. The beaches there are covered with pebble, for the purity they were marked by the international award "Blue Flag".
Not far from Tekirova there are many attractions:
Botanical Ecopark, the ancient city of Phaselis, Mount Tahtali (Olympos) with the longest cable way in Europe, Ulupinar, which is popular among lovers of fishing and fish restaurants, and Cleopatra's Bay.
Real estate is represented in the main by villas. All properties are quite expensive because there isn't much land for development. Tekirova suits perfectly for those who value peace, tranquility and a unique natural landscape.
Tekirova is an elite tourist area 15 km to the west of Kemer.
The sea and the beach. 
The beaches of Tekirova are covered with small pebbles, for the cleanliness and environmental friendliness they were awarded the international prize "Blue Flag". Near Tekirova there are two most beautiful harbors – Phaselis and Cleopatra's bay.
Transport accessibility.
On road D400 buses run regularly from Antalya and Kemer to Tekirova.
Not far from Tekirova there are many attractions. Here are just a few of them. Ecopark – a magnificent botanical park, which is a home to hundreds of species of unique plants and animals. The ancient city of Phaselis with a magnificent beach, one of the ten best beaches in Turkey. Mount Tahtali (modern name is Olympos) with a height of more than 2,300 meters above the sea level with Olympos Teleferik, the longest cable way in Europe.
Ulupinar is a place for lovers of fishing and fish restaurants. Cleopatra's Bay is one of the most beautiful bays on the coast.
Special features. 
In summers and winters those who live here enjoy the magnificent surroundings: the ridge of the Taurus mountains, magnificent sea, the air of pine forests and friendly people. In Tekirova there is a small number of luxury hotels, tourist shops and restaurants. This is the place for a quiet and relaxed rest. Those looking for entertainment usually go to Kemer, located 15-minute’s drive from Tekirova.
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